Meridien Migration Australia specialises in the provision of professional and reliable advice for people seeking an Australian visa. By providing this single, dedicated focus, we consider ourselves something of a boutique firm, providing a personal, professional and clearly defined service.

Whether you are considering a:

  • visitor visa,

  • family or partner visa;

  • skilled working visa or

  • looking to take the plunge with permanent residency,

the Australian Visa process is very tightly controlled. When considering your visa application you will obviously be considering whether you need a migration agent at all. Many short stay visas to Australia can be applied for online, and we all like to make a saving where we can, but when is a saving not a saving?

The Australian Government is justifiably very protective of its borders and particularly of residency. Visa applications can take anything from one months to sometimes over two years. Collecting, completing, copying and then sending all the correct documentation can be a very time consuming process and any inconsistency, no matter how small, can mean the denial of your application. With forms changing regularly and often without any notice and the time, effort and cost, is it really worth taking that chance with your future?

At Meridien Migration Australia, we start with a consultation to discuss your visa application, look at the visa options available to you and discuss what will be required of you to successfully complete the visa. From there we will stay in regular contact, ensuring all the information is collated and visa forms completed. At our office we will go through the information and documentation you have provided, partly-prepare all forms and ensure they are completed accurately with no inconsistencies or foreseeable errors.

Once we are 100% sure the forms are fully completed, we will finalise and lodge your application with the correct authority. Then we wait, either to be contacted for notification of successful application or a request for more information. If this happens we will first search our records to see if we already have this information available, or contact you to request more details and ensure these are processed with immigration in a timely manner.

Most visa applications are now lodged and managed through the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) in Australia (which incorporates the Department of Immigration) , not at overseas posts as in the past. The validity of your application is decided by these Australian case officers. It is NOT a legal requirement for anyone outside Australia to be registered as a visa consultant with the Australian Government or to stay up to date with the relevant visa information; however all Australian based migration agents must do so, and be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

Not only does the MARA ensure your agent is professionally qualified and registered, but they require continued professional development for all agents throughout the year to ensure all local Australian agents have the highest level of skills needed to correctly complete and file your application. In addition, members of this body automatically receive all notifications of changes to the migration rules and updates to the forms as they happen. By using a person outside Australia, you run the risk of ending up with incorrect information or an out of date form and your application will fail, for no other reason than that Immigration changed something at the last minute and your overseas advisor didn’t find out about it in time.

All in all, by using Meridien Migration, you will receive advice from a professional dedicated migration agent, giving you the best chance of a successful outcome. Now if you are looking for a saving, then having someone take all the stress from your shoulders is a saving you can put into monetary terms.

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